Three poems on Nita Lake: highlights from the TED Fellows Retreat

Nita Lake. Photo: Ivana Gadjanski

Nita Lake. Photo: Ivana Gadjanski

Moved by the beauty of Nita Lake at night, poet, biologist and entrepreneur Ivana Gadjanski couldn’t help but pen three poems on its shores one evening during the TED Fellows Retreat in Whistler, BC.

“I definitely was inspired by the lake in the darkness – it’s like a metaphor for inspiration itself,” she says.

“You barely see the surface of the lake, while there is so much more beneath in the darkness, similar to the darkness around you. And also, being in the middle of so many conversations around me, so many people and all the stories they bring with them…”

To discover more about Ivana, her work on MS and cartilage, her new venture Pubsonic, which makes medical journal articles publicly accessible, and growing up around Allen Ginsberg, read her full Fellows Friday profile on the TED Blog >>>



a dream
a riddle
a forest
and deep sea

hard to see through
to move through
to survive
tempting to dive into

a challenge
and motivation
and a tool
a path

to inner self
to upper level
it never gets clear
solved or shallow

you always dream more
the sea gets deeper
the more you dive in
there is no bottom
no end



read between the lines
learn the tacit rules
break the glass ceiling
unleash your full potential
and change the world

I would start by
ignoring the usual
abandoning clichés
the straight lines and beaten paths

Just leap to the unknown
Grab to the nearest thing
Transform it to what you need
use yourself as a tool
your will as catalyst
your mind as an umbrella
to keep you shielded

and move forward
Keep moving
and never stop



Deep in the bones
in the brain stem
in every muscle and nerve
and on the skin

In every word
and glance
and touch
it stands there

who you are
who you can be
infinitesimal you
in plain sight
and many do not see