Tech Tuesday with space archeologist Sarah Parcak

Each week on Tuesday we’re asking a Fellow to tell us what app they’re digging, and what app they can’t seem to pull themself away from. Space archeologist to physicist to sound artist, we’ll see how they stay organized, have fun, and create in the app world.

This week, space archeologist Sarah Parcak takes us into her iPhone and iPad, where she organizes her life and captures special moments.


Sarah Parcak
Space archeologist
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Learn more about Sarah here.
See Sarah’s TED Talk below.


What’s your device of choice?
iPhone+iPad (combo)

What’s your favorite app?
I’m really loving Basecamp.

What is Basecamp?
Basecamp keeps all your projects, data, and people in one place.

How does it make your life better?
I’m planning TEDxBirmingham and its super helpful for organizing.

What App are you shamefully addicted to?
Instagram. We have an 11+ month old and we take photos ALL the time. It’s really insane and I need professional help.