Vote to save the oceans: vote de Vos!

Asha de Vos

Asha de Vos

Sri Lankan blue whale researcher Asha de Vos works for the ocean. Not only does she research a unique population of blue whales in the Northern Indian Ocean, she also works as an educator and speaker to ramp up public conversation about marine conservation. Her hard work has not gone unnoticed: de Vos has been selected as a finalist for The JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World 2014 award, which recognizes individuals under 40 who provide extraordinary service to their communities.

But she needs your help. To cast your vote of support, visit, click on de Vos’s profile and hit the LIKE button at the bottom. Deadline is August 15.

Want to know more? To read all about de Vos and her work, read her full-length Fellows Friday interview. And don’t forget to check out her TED-Ed on why blue whales are so enormous!

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